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Sewer Gas

Sewer Gas | Chicago & Suburbs

Find Source of Sewer Gas

If you’ve been experiencing sewer gas, sewer odor, or hidden leaks in your drainage system, there is no need to worry. The Scottish Plumber’s technicians are trained to quickly identify and eliminate sources of this foul-smelling gas.

The drain pipes running through your walls and beneath your floors will sometimes separate or crack. This creates an opening for sewage, sewer gas, or even rats to enter your home.

Occasionally the cracked pipe can be seen with the naked eye. In other cases, it can be found using a video pipe inspection. But for those hard-to-find leaks, there’s no better choice than a smoke test.

What Is a Smoke Test?

A special smoke machine forces smoke-filled air into your drain system. The smoke fills the pipes and begins to escape through problem areas, such as a separated branch line or a broken sewer. The escaping smoke allows for easy detection.

Smoke testing is so accurate, that it has become the world-wide standard for finding leaks in plumbing and drainage systems.

Is Smoke Testing Safe?

The smoke used in our smoke testing process is perfectly safe for use in your home.  It is odorless, non-staining, and non-toxic. In fact, it has even been approved for use in schools.

What If You Find a Broken Pipe?

If the smoke test reveals a problem area, such as a cracked or broken pipe in one of your drains, our technicians will provide you with several options for repair.

We may be able to repair the cracked pipe without digging, breaking up floors, or cutting into walls, by using one of our special non-invasive pipe repair procedures such as Pipe Stent or Sewer Lining These procedures will not only save your home, they will save you money as well.

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