What’s Up With the Mound of Dirt After a Sewer Repair?


So you’ve just had your sewer repaired. You’re still recovering from the shock of learning that a pipe that carries waste out of your home was broken and cost thousands of dollars to fix. Let’s face it, before this happened, you hadn’t given much thought to your sewer and its function. You probably didn’t even … Continue reading “What’s Up With the Mound of Dirt After a Sewer Repair?”

April Showers Bring…Backed Up Sewers?!


Spring is almost here again and the one thing we can count on is that water will fall from the sky!  Chicago has averaged close to 37 inches of rain per year over the last 30 years with approximately 2/3 of it coming in the spring and summer months, and these figures are trending upwards. … Continue reading “April Showers Bring…Backed Up Sewers?!”

The Scottish Plumber’s Tramco Flood Control Systems Will Give You the Peace of Mind You’ve Been Looking For

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When it comes to Chicago flood control, the Tramco Pump Company is a local icon.  Tramco has been building pumps for the Chicago market since the 1950’s and their systems are designed to handle the kind of conditions that only Chicago weather can bring. Besides sump pumps, ejector pumps, and batter backup systems, the Tramco … Continue reading “The Scottish Plumber’s Tramco Flood Control Systems Will Give You the Peace of Mind You’ve Been Looking For”

10 Ways to Stop Basement Flooding


1. Make sure you have a working sump pump. 2. Make sure your sump pump pit is properly sized. 3. Clean out the bottom of the sump pump pit to prevent debris from entering the pump. 4. Install a battery back-up system to ensure that your sump pump continues working during power loss. 5. Have your … Continue reading “10 Ways to Stop Basement Flooding”

Chicago Flood Control Help – The Spring Is Here!!!


Here in Chicago we dread our winters.  That’s why when the old man came and went with barely a whimper, we all let out a collective sigh of relief.  No snowmaggedon this year!!! But, that doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods, weather-wise.  The strange winter could be a harbinger of more weird weather to … Continue reading “Chicago Flood Control Help – The Spring Is Here!!!”

Chicagoland Plumbing Tip #33 – Find Hidden Leaks with Smoke Test

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Search for Hidden Leaks by Smoke Test in Chicago and Suburbs Are you experiencing sewer odor or rats?  You may even have sewer gas or hidden leaks that you are unaware of.  The culprit may be a cracked or broken sewer, or an otherwise damaged drain pipe.  The Scottish Plumber can now help find problems … Continue reading “Chicagoland Plumbing Tip #33 – Find Hidden Leaks with Smoke Test”

Chicago Plumber Tip#32 Trenchless Sewer Repair Works

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According to a recent article in Angie’s List Magazine, 78% of homeowners surveyed did not know their broken or cracked sewers could be repaired or replaced without digging up their properties.  73% said they would be willing to pay more for such a repair if it meant that their decks, patios, gardens, or walkways could … Continue reading “Chicago Plumber Tip#32 Trenchless Sewer Repair Works”

Chicago Plumber Tip#31 – Top 5 Reasons for Low Water Pressure

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1. Faucet aerators are blocked A faucet aerator is the little strainer at the tip of most household faucets. Without an aerator, water flows out of the faucet as one large stream. An aerator spreads this stream into tiny droplets, helping to both save water and minimize splashing. Aerators should be removed annually and checked … Continue reading “Chicago Plumber Tip#31 – Top 5 Reasons for Low Water Pressure”

Lombard Plumber Tip #30: An In-Depth Pipe Inspection

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Have you invested in Lombard plumbing services, had a plumber come to your home, and then experienced the same exact plumbing issue after the plumber left? Well, let’s not rush to blame the plumber, because complex plumbing issues sometimes require complex plumbing equipment that not all plumbing companies have on hand. However, it is equally … Continue reading “Lombard Plumber Tip #30: An In-Depth Pipe Inspection”

Drain Cleaning – Villa Park

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Drain Cleaning Villa Park Homeowners Can Depend On There are few problems more annoying than a clogged drain. It can interrupt daily life, create a mess, and leave you with an unexpected expense. Luckily for Villa Park homeowners, The Scottish Plumber is your hometown drain cleaning expert. So, if you experience a drain backup or a … Continue reading “Drain Cleaning – Villa Park”