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Garbage Disposals

Garbage Disposal Repair & Replacement – Chicago & Suburbs – Free Estimates

Ever since John W. Hammes invented the unit in 1927, Americans have been in love with the garbage disposal.  As a matter of fact, in 2009, half of US households had garbage disposals, compared to only 6% of homes in the UK.

That’s a lot of disposals.  And where you have a lot of disposals, you will inevitably find a few problems.  Luckily, The Scottish Plumber is here to help.

Check out some of our disposal tips and videos below and give us a call today, or contact us here.  Our technicians can provide your with a free diagnosis and estimate for any type of garbage disposal repair, replacement, or installation, anywhere in Chicagoland.

Common Garbage Disposal Problems and Solutions

The most common issue with garbage disposal is jamming.  If there is power to the disposal, but the unit is not operating, something may be stuck inside the unit.

First, you should try resetting the disposal.  There should be a reset button somewhere near the bottom of the unit.  Press it, and try the disposal again.

If the unit still doesn’t work, try this next step.  First, make sure the power is off to the disposal.  Use a flashlight to take a look inside the unit.  If you see anything stuck in between blades, use a set of tongs or pliers to remove the object.  NEVER PLACE YOUR HANDS INSIDE THE UNIT!

If no foreign object is found, try moving the mash plate around.  Most garbage disposals have a slot underneath the unit.  You can use a key that came with the disposal, or an Allen wrench, to insert into this socket.  Now turn the wrench back and forth.  This will spin the mash plate and should take care of most jams.

If your unit happens not to have this socket, you may have to go old-school.  Making sure that the power to the unit is off, stick a long object, such as a broomstick, into the garbage disposal and attempt to turn the blades.  Go back and forth a few times until the blades can spin freely.

If the unit still doesn’t work, it may need to be replaced.  The Scottish Plumber can help with that as well.  From Badger brand to Insinkerator, from continuous feed to batch-feed models, we can provide and install the garbage disposal best fitted to both your home and your budget.

Latest Advances in Garbage Disposal Technology

Recent advances in disposal technology have mostly concentrated on the area of motor improvement and blade design.  New, heavy-duty motors such as Insinkerator’s Dura-Drive induction motor, have made disposals more powerful, quieter, and more reliable.  And they’ve extended the life expectancy of the units.

How Garbage Disposals Help the Environment

Every year in America, countless tons of food waste are transported to landfills and left to decompose.  This process produces methane gas which is many times more potent than carbon dioxide and one of the main causes of the greenhouse effect on our planet.

A good garbage disposal is an excellent alternative to the land fill.  And now that some sewage treatment plants have the ability to recycle food waste into energy, it can make an environmental impact several layers deep.

If you need help, give us a call.  Or, you can ask one of our garbage disposal experts a question by clicking here.