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Sewer Lining

Sewer Lining – Chicago & Suburbs

If you’ve ever experience a broken sewer, you know what a mess and headache the repair can be. If what’s needed is sewer replacement, then a trench the length of your entire sewer line has to be dug in the yard. This means that anything resting above this line has to be removed. Are you ready to disassemble your deck or remove your new concrete walkway? We didn’t think so.

Enter sewer lining. This process, also known as trenchless sewer repair or sewer liner, is an excellent alternative to conventional sewer repair or sewer replacement. It is a highly innovative process, but it need not be confusing. Here are the three things Chicago homeowners should know:

  1. A new pipe is built inside your existing pipe.
    An epoxy resin-lined tube is fed into the existing pipe, inflated, and cured in place.
  2. The new pipe is better than the original pipe.
    Completely smooth and seamless, the new pipe will simply outperform and outlast the old. The new pipe is stronger than the original pipe, and it’s impervious to roots.
  3. No trench dug on your property.
    Requiring only a small access hole, the trenchless sewer repair process will prevent a trench, the length of your sewer line, from being dug in your yard.

Benefits of Using Sewer Lining

There are countless advantages to using trenchless sewer repair, from shorter job times to smaller environmental impact. Here are three which Chicago homeowners find most beneficial:

  1. Lower expense.
    Homeowners can save up to 50% of the cost of conventional excavation, and most jobs are completed in just one day.
  2. 50 year guarantee.
    The new pipe has a minimum life expectancy of 50 years. And since its completely seamless design is impenetrable to roots, the pipe and installation is guaranteed by The Scottish Plumber for the entire 50 year span.
  3. Landscaping remains undisturbed.
    The trenchless process will save anything resting above your sewer line – decks and patios, bushes and flower beds, driveways and walkways – from having to be removed.

Why choose The Scottish Plumber?

There are many reasons to choose The Scottish Plumber for your sewer lining. Here are a few you should consider:

  1. It is our specialty.
    Sewer lining is simply what we do. It’s our area of expertise. And it’s been that way since our inception.
  2. We’ve mastered it.
    We’ve spent countless hours in tests and trials, refining the process, and perfecting our technique. We’ve traveled the world, tapping experts from Sidney to Berlin, in order to identify the right mix of tools, materials, and resins. At the end of the day, we can honestly say that we’ve mastered our craft.
  3. We’ve done this before. Successfully. Hundreds of times.
    The Scottish Plumber has successfully installed hundreds of sewer liners all over the Chicago area. From cast iron to clay pipe, from straight lines to 90 degree turns, from frigid winter nights to scorching summer days, we have done them all. And we have done them well.