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Pipe Stent Sewer Repair

Pipe Stent Trenchless Sewer Repair Chicago & Suburbs

What is Pipe Stent Trenchless Sewer Repair?

Pipe Stent is a revolutionary form of trenchless sewer repair which allows us to repair underground or in-wall pipes without the need for excavation or demolition.

We essentially build a new piece of pipe inside of the old, completely and seamlessly sealing off any cracks, breaks, or separations. There is no digging, no breaking up floors, no taking down walls, and no restoration.

Done in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost of conventional sewer repair and guaranteed for 50 years.

Pipe Stent Trenchless Sewer Repair – Chicago. We were able to save the homeowner’s wall, concrete around his catch basin, and several thousand dollars.

How strong is Pipe Stent?

Because Pipe Stent is nearly paper-thin, it preserves most of the diameter of the original pipe. But for something so thin, how strong is it, really? We put it to the test using a sledgehammer in this short video:

In the above video, we installed Pipe Stents in three different types of pipe and then smashed them with a sledgehammer to test their strength.

Is Pipe Stent Trenchless Sewer Repair the right solution for me?

If the problem is a crack, break, or separation in a sewer pipe then Pipe Stent could be the answer.  We would be happy to provide you with a free inspection, during which The Scottish Plumber will:

  1. Verify whether you really need sewer repair.
  2. Assess whether Pipe Stent Trenchless Sewer Repair would solve the problem and provide you with a quote to install it.
  3. If we find that Pipe Stent won’t work, we will provide you with a competitive quote for conventional sewer repair.

How much can I save over conventional sewer repair?

The answer depends on the extent and the location of the needed repair. In most cases, Pipe Stent is less expensive than even the most basic conventional sewer repair which requires excavation.

Additionally, if the conventional method would require you to tear down walls, break up floors, or perform any other kind of demolition in order to access the pipe, then Pipe Stent will save you substantially more money, not to mention the costs and headaches of restoration.

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How do I schedule a free estimate?

For a free inspection and estimate, give us a call, fill out the appointment form above, or contact us here.